Ross homers in the 6th

July 3rd, 2013 — article by

Cody hits a three run homer in the 6th inning against the Mets to take the lead 3-2. I guess those contacts are doing some good. Two home runs in the last week. Nice when you can see the ball eh Cody.

Smooth as butter

May 6th, 2013 — article by

Ross’ first home run with the D-backs! Sweet swing and I think there is more to come!

No baseball this year on Direct TV

April 30th, 2013 — article by

I hate to use this site Cody but its just not fair. Direct TV has decided to black out all games close to Carlsbad, NM. Lets see, Arizona is 8 1/2 hours away to drive to a game. MLB has also blacked out away games anywhere in the states. That means no Arizona games can be seen in this area. What the heck? As most people around here are also Rangers, Rockies and Astro fans, they are also blacked out for the entire season. What gives MLB? Calling or e-mailing MLB is another story. You will likely get a 20 year old that doesn’t even know where Carlsbad NM is. Sad. We need to protest this. I have already canceled my Direct TV MLB package. I cannot seem to get through to anyone of importance to file this complaint. I get apology e-mails from MLB and Direct TV. Does anyone have a clue to get this situation resolved? Help, I miss my Cody Ross fix!!!

Cody gets his 3 year contract!

December 22nd, 2012 — article by

I really thought Ross would sign with the Redsox! Then it was rumored the Yankees, Mariners, Rangers, and Phillies. Out of nowhere the Arizona Diamondbacks sign Cody to a 26 million dollar three year deal with a million dollar option for a fourth year! Way to go Cody Ross! You are finally getting paid closer to what you are worth. Nothing like signing with a team thats in your backyard. Congrats to the Ross family and all their fans that can drive to Phoenix for games next year.

Thank Goodness the season is over

October 7th, 2012 — article by

After injuries, one comment made by Valentine, more injuries, bad luck, trading Youkilis, dumping payroll with Beckett, Gonzalez and Crawford, the Red Sox limped to the end of a very unlucky season! There were some bright spots though and Cody Ross was one of them. Signed to platoon with Sweeny, Cody was probably the best deal in baseball for Boston at 3 mill for one year. Half pay from his last year with the Giants. Who would ever dream Cody would end the season batting 4th after Ortiz got hurt and out for the season. Cody ended up as Boston’s every day right fielder putting up some impressive numbers. Now that big question. What is in store for Ross next year?

Cody wants a deal, Boston wants a deal! Stay tuned… Both sides show interest and Boston needs an experienced outfielder. A team and fan favorite wherever he goes, Cody would fit well in Boston.  Valentine has already been fired and it took no time doing so the day after the season. They need Ross who was one of a couple of bright spots of the season. Ciriaco was the other. Birds in the hand are much more appealing than deals pending. The trade back from the Dodgers with first baseman Loony ain’t gonna work out. Starting pitching comes to mind. They need to sign a left fielder.
Oh and a manager too!

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