No baseball this year on Direct TV

April 30th, 2013 — article by

I hate to use this site Cody but its just not fair. Direct TV has decided to black out all games close to Carlsbad, NM. Lets see, Arizona is 8 1/2 hours away to drive to a game. MLB has also blacked out away games anywhere in the states. That means no Arizona games can be seen in this area. What the heck? As most people around here are also Rangers, Rockies and Astro fans, they are also blacked out for the entire season. What gives MLB? Calling or e-mailing MLB is another story. You will likely get a 20 year old that doesn’t even know where Carlsbad NM is. Sad. We need to protest this. I have already canceled my Direct TV MLB package. I cannot seem to get through to anyone of importance to file this complaint. I get apology e-mails from MLB and Direct TV. Does anyone have a clue to get this situation resolved? Help, I miss my Cody Ross fix!!!


  1. Dave Dave says

    On a more positive note, Ross is doing quite well in his first year at Arizona. I usually post after games but I would rather not just reading the box score. Anyone can do that! Cody, maybe you could call Bud and bitch! Ha ha ha ha. Go Ross!

    April 30th, 2013 | #

  2. Dave Dave says

    Well, I just found out the hard way that I can get the Arizona channel via basic cable. I currently have internet thru cable tv. If you have this setup and use a splitter from your internet to your tv you now have basic cable for nothing. Now I am watching my first Dback game of the season with no sound..hmmmmmmm.

    April 30th, 2013 | #

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